On-Site Sales Team:

Professional sales team working on-site with a network of over a hundred thousand project owners, contractors, and real estate developers.

Customer Service Team:

Dedicated team available 24/7 to support our buyers and sellers.

Ease Of Sale And Purchase:

Enabling sellers to expand their reach and increase sales without any additional cost of renting showrooms/warehouses in different regions or employing sales representatives. Supporting buyers by facilitating the process of purchasing and offering a variety of options, graded prices, and technical information.

World Wide Web:

Optimized search engine with Google helps receive more traffic and ranks in the top searches of our sellers’ products, enhancing the chances of visibility in the internet by directing the target audience through searches/terms that mean the most to the product.


Unlimited space for the sellers to add, modify, or delete products, in addition to adding offers and discounts, changes in prices, and creating a number of sub-accounts with the ability to manage credentials.

Payment Options:

Suitable payment methods like credit cards, Mada, Apple Pay, STC Pay, Bank Transfer, or Cash on Delivery that will be re-directed through one channel to the bank accounts of the sellers, smoothening the process throughout.

Ease Of Use:

Distinctive e-commerce experience suiting and accustoming the needs and requirements of the users.

Security And Privacy:

Protecting the data of all our users through safe and secure methods, maintaining their privacy.

Technical Content:

Raising awareness and helping in the decision making process of the right materials by making available the best prices while maintaining quality control through the description of the products’ technical content and specification in English and Arabic.

Interactive Content:

Interactive platform for the community to discuss, review, rate and share their questions about the products.