Why acwme


The world is evolving and moving towards transformation, with e-commerce replacing the traditional methods of providing services. Saudi Arabia too is moving at a fast rate, requiring the most advanced methods and technologies to achieve Vision 2030 objectives, as initiated by the visionary leadership of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Since construction is an essential part of the Saudi economy’s development and growth and stands as the second-largest sector after petroleum, souq acwme will contribute by distinguishing Saudi Arabia’s position in the building and construction materials market with its innovative platform, placing it at the forefront in the region.


Registration, Subscription, And Commission Fees

Souq acwme offers its services free of charge to its buyers (contractors, real estate developers, and individuals) meaning that there will be no initial registration fees, and monthly subscription fees, or any other fees. We are based on commissions from sellers, which means if a sale takes place through our platform, we are entitled to an agreed percent commission from the seller.

Experts In The Field

Souq acwme founders have more than 18 years of experience in contracting, construction, and building materials sectors during which they have held many leadership positions. In addition, they have professional experience in software development, e-commerce, sales, digital marketing, and logistics. Souq acwme evolved has its roots in the construction sector and is evolved to provide professional e-commerce services and contribute to the Saudi National Transformation in the building and construction sector.

Empowering Sellers

Souq acwme enables sellers and provides them the necessary support regarding the technical and marketing content for the products that will enhance their products and brands to be distinctively presented and boost their businesses to grow by reaching more customers and increasing their sales.


Souq acwme is optimized with Google, which helps receive more traffic and ranks in the top searches, enhancing the chances of visibility of the products in the international market by directing the target audience through searches/terms that mean the most to the product.

Geographical Coverage

Souq acwme covers all the regions, cities, districts, and villages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and serves all the sellers and buyers and everywhere, which enhances achieving the desired benefits without incurring higher costs in research, making relationships, and qualifying suppliers or buyers.
Souq acwme expects to have over a million buyers and sellers in the coming years.