About us

In 2018, after decades of working in the construction industry, the founders of acwme realised that there was a need for a platform to ease the process of buying and selling building and construction materials – a marketplace where sellers could register themselves and the potential customers/buyers can approach them – all in one place, which otherwise is a scattered, time-consuming and a redundant process.

Thus, souq acwme was established as a national initiative to support digital transformation in the construction sector and building materials market, facilitating and reducing the costs of purchases for contractors and real estate developers as buyers. Souq acwme enables the sellers of building and construction materials by connecting them with the buyers through its platform which helps them ease the process of reaching out to potential customers and increase their profitability.

Souq acwme has been built with the best technologies and is associated with global IT service providers to ensure its customers have the finest experience when it comes to e-commerce.

At souq acwme, any seller can sell, regardless of the capabilities or the products, including small-scale businesses like “Mabaset”.

Souq acwme is wholly owned by Acwme Trading Company, which is an LLC Saudi company located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (CR No.1010648122).